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Who is FocusOne

We help people and organizations achieve Executive Genius - Team Brilliance

FocusOne was founded in 2003 with the vision to grow and enrich our clients, people, and community, through leading the way to Executive Genius - Team Brilliance. After 23 years as a successful corporate executive, FocusOne founder Douglas Gerber realized the 90% of problems and challenges with organizations was not because of lack of strategy or expertise but rather, a lack of soft skills at the executive level and the inability to function powerfully as a team.

Egos and personal agendas often get in the way thereby impacting senior executives’ ability to make sound decisions and develop & maintain effective relationships. Many challenges faced by companies are a direct result of dysfunctional teams making ineffective decisions. Douglas found this particularly acute in Asia, with the pressure to grow fast and combined with the multiplicity of global versus local dynamics, complicated and diverse market & economic environments and complex reporting and diverse reporting structures & relationships. It is no wonder executives are often not able to prioritize soft skills and team development as a key strategy for organizational success.

The mission of FocusOne is to help people to focus to get the elements right: that is to first build effective, well rounded executives and teams, leading to Executive Genius - Team Brilliance.