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“The planning day facilitated by Focus One was a huge success.  Ahead of the event, Douglas took time to clarify the precise objectives of the day and make sure all members of the leadership team were adequately prepped.  The workshop remained focused with a mixture of light touch and firm facilitation (where required) with the result that everyone participated fully – a critical element in ensuring widespread buy in.  The day culminated in a clear and concise set of key business objectives for the ensuing year which was, in due course, cascaded to all regional staff.” - Ken McGowan,  Regional Director Asia,  Lloyds TSB Bank


"I have had 7 coaching sessions with Douglas and I enjoyed every single one of them. He guided me to clearly identify the key improvement areas for myself, supported by very useful advice for me to put together an effective action plan to drive the improvement along. I've seen personal growth throughout the coaching process, which has also started to have a positive impact to my team as well. I would highly recommend managers and leaders of all backgrounds to go through such process." - Ronald Lam, General Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways

“The feedback I received from my team has been very positive, Douglas Gerber and Focus One set up the spark to create a new sense of team spirit and values.” - Chris Riley, Managing Director Ogilvy One


"Douglas deepened my management expertise. His knowledge of Asia was commendable. Douglas provided an innovative framework which can be applied across all management disciplines. A valuable experience that would well serve others in a global, constantly changing company.  In short, I would recommend Douglas for any senior coaching assignment." - Roger Lew, Sales Head, Bloomberg

“Thank you for an enlightening three day key account program, the feedback from the training attendees was simply fantastic. It was a well presented and orchestrated course and we look forward to the remainder of the sales & marketing team being trained in the New Year.” - Andrew McClaren, Moet Hennessy Australia

Throughout the coaching process with Douglas, I learned a lot more about who I am as a leader and who I can be. I learned how to focus my energy to achieve my vision. I built better working relationship with my customers, my colleagues, my direct reports and solved more & more difficult problems. Today, I see more opportunities, more growth and more dreams to go for." - Anthony Leung, Account Director, Johnson & Johnson

“If you are looking for somebody to support you to lead your people forward to help you grow, I totally recommend Focus One.” - John Bower, Director Behavioral  Assessments  Human Potential Ltd

“Douglas quickly found the most productive structure. He guided me through value and priority analysis which then flowed naturally to methods for approaching projects, issues and people. As coaching is not the provision of an instruction manual, the most valuable part of the interaction is his facilitation of ideas. That is where Douglas' skill is so evident. I found that I was consciously and quickly adopting many of the approaches we discussed. Douglas is a top class coach and I feel that I, my company and my family have benefitted significantly from our sessions.” - Philippe LaCamp, General Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways

“Douglas has proved to be a valuable and insightful coach in what has been a time of great change.  He has been adaptable to my changing needs, offering a mix of coaching styles and models to help me to navigate a more complex work environment. I feel I have come out of the other end more robust and better equipped to deal with more senior managerial roles.  I would recommend Douglas as a coach.” - Bruce Hodgson  COO Lloyds TSB Bank

“I developed a level of trust for Douglas as a coach and a real sense of the achievable benefits of the process from the beginning. Douglas combines a strong knowledge of working in multi-national countries along with an extensive experience of the business environment in Asia.  The coaching process is enriched by being free from text-book methods or a prescriptive focus. I found the whole experience invaluable.  I would not hesitate in recommending Douglas to anyone who is willing to embrace some level of change to strengthen their managerial ability.”  - Chris Daniells, Country Head Cathay Pacific

“Focus One has removed the obstacles and helped us increase the sales, our customer service is up. My staff and their loyalty and desire to work here have never been better.” - Andrew Robbins, Founder, Shambala

“Douglas helped me focus on the objective and the clear goal setting helped me.  KPI’s were clearly set which drove behavior change.  The relationship with my team has improved.  I have been more focused.” - Alex Pan, Swire Beverages

Case Study

This is leading player in the Global Hospitality Industry. The C level Coachee, Regional CEO, was a strong, highly regarded individual, and a comer in the organization. He outlined a vision and blueprint for China and sold it successfully to the Company Board. Greater China results have been stellar and accordingly drawing great attention. Sounds all good? Too good. There was an image concern with the Regional CEO, with the danger of being seen as a “China guy”. His desire was to join the Global Executive Management Team, which is the body that runs the company globally, yet he was seen to be overly entrenched in China.