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What Makes Us Different

What makes FocusOne different?

We specialize in executive teambuilding at the C level. We know how to create high performance executive teams.

Brilliant executives don’t automatically create brilliant teams.  Creating high performance team requires special skills and knowhow.  We understand the components of executive teambuilding and assist company leaders to create brilliant teams.

We believe the critical ingredient in high performance organizations is highly functioning teams. That is our focus, our unique expertise and the genesis of excellence.

Everything we do is created according to the special needs of our clients. Our custom designed programs are aimed toward delivering powerful outcomes for the team which will directly impact the organization.

What is also unique about FocusOne is the business and corporate experience we bring to our programs and services. We have real life, real world business expertise in specific industries and geography in Asia, Europe and North America.

“Through his teambuilding programs FocusOne has removed the team obstacles and helped us to increase sales, and our customer service is up. My staff and their loyalty and desire to work here have never been better.”  - Andrew Robbins, Founder, Shambala