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This is an executive working in China in the Consumer Goods area. He was seen as highly competent executive, very intelligent with tremendous upward mobility. His challenges consisted of primarily the need to manage his emotions. He would have the tendency to react quickly to his staff, was often curt and wore his emotions on his sleeve. He would tend to openly express anger and scorn. His listening skills were poor and he would jump to conclusions without giving others their due. This was causing moral issues and strain in relationships with his staff and co – workers.


The first step was to clearly understand how the coachee was perceived. This was done through a comprehensive face to face 360 interviews in which we interviewed peers, direct reports and his manager. A clear picture was obtained and these results were confidentially and verbally communicated back to the coachee. The executive, after hearing the patterns reiterated consistently and clearly, became convinced that changes were required, and that denial was no longer an option. We articulated clear coaching objectives to work on managing emotions, active listening, and rebuilding relationships.


The executive made significant changes in his demeanor. He realized that the consequences of his behavior were counterproductive, and we worked on strategies to manage his emotions. He learned new listening skills and implemented them. His relationships significantly improved. After six months, further interviews were conducted to check progress. It was overwhelmingly positive. At the end of the coaching process, the executive was promoted to a coveted role and his career was clearly back on track.

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"Throughout the coaching process with Douglas, I learned a lot more about who I am as a leader and who I can be. I learned how to focus my energy to achieve my vision. I built better working relationship with my customers, my colleagues, my direct reports and solved more & more difficult problems. Today, I see more opportunities, more growth and more dreams to go for.” - Anthony Leung, Account Director, Johnson & Johnson