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Passion in the Workplace

We believe that motivation is the key to individual and team success. A major cause of not achieving optimum results is the lack of strong, powerful breakthrough motivation.

“Passion” entails a number of factors; being in the right job is critical. That means loving what you do and being charged up about around the main aspects of the work. Working in the right team is also a key factor in the level of motivation. Creating a compelling vision and direction is essential for team passion. Finally the right relationship with peers and managers is critical. Having the right work environment facilitates passion.

All of the above can serve as passion boosters or killers. The key is the get the formula right in as many areas as possible Creating highly motivated passionate staff is key to bringing the organization to the next level of success.

Our individual and team passion programs may include:

•    Understanding key motivating factors of the individual

•    Measuring the extent to which people enjoy their work

•    Assessing the individual passion level

•    Understanding the motivating and demotivating aspects of the work environment

•    Creating a compelling direction

•    Instilling meaning and purpose

•    Creating a sense of passion in the team

•    Leading and managing strategies to motivate staff

•    Increasing motivating areas of the work

•    Handling demotivating factors

•    Strategies for charging up the organization

•    Organization and Career Development

•    Passion workshop

•    Passion coaching

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“The feedback I received from my team has been very positive, Douglas Gerber and Focus One set up the spark to create a new sense of team spirit and values.” - Chris Riley, Managing Director Ogilvy One