Objective: Develop what’s important to the team in working together and achieving the vision

Interaction – Executive Facilitation

Description: Most teams are living and working with assumed values that are not articulated, aligned or committed.  This results in a collection of team members who are working from their own agendas.  The key is to make the values conscious and align all team members to achieve unanimous ownership.  It requires a sincere examination of what is important to the group.  Finally the values need to be distilled into a “mantra” which can be cascaded throughout the organization.   The process needs not only to be sensible, it needs to carry an emotional charge.

Results: the Live the Values process builds team alignment and spirit.  It is the glue that forms the culture of the immediate and larger team.  There is a “coming together” which takes place during this process and the Values form the common bond that all team members share.  It also establishes a code of conduct and “benchmark” for behavior.

FocusOne Proprietary Process
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