Objective: Build Team Trust and Camaraderie

Interaction – Team Facilitation
Description: A variety of activities are run which encourage an awareness of the executive at different levels.  This includes getting to know one another at a personal level, as well as coming to appreciate respective team members’ working styles.  One way is to use the Harrison Assessment that examines executive traits at both the individual and team level.  A further step is to engage in the “Rearview Feedback” exercise, which builds acceptance and appreciation.

Results: Through the AAA process, teams can expect a new level of honesty and transparency with new openness of communication as a result.  Instead of complaining, backbiting and creating conflict, team members open the door to appreciate and embrace each team member.  This starts the formation of a well functioning team.

FocusOne Proprietary Process
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"Douglas deepened my management expertise. His knowledge of Asia was commendable. Douglas provided a valuable framework, which can be applied across all management disciplines. A valuable experience that would well serve others in a global, constantly changing company.  In short, I would recommend Douglas for any senior coaching assignment." - Roger Lew, Sales Head, Bloomberg