Objective: Developing clarity on key priorities to successfully reach objective and vision.

Interaction - Executive Coaching
Description: A process by which an executive derives those key focus areas which matter in the success of achieving his short / medium term vision and / or objectives.  The executive forms a short-term vision and then steps back and picks out the clear areas of focus to make it happen.  He / she then specifies key deliverables for those focus areas.

Results: Laser focus on those focus areas that matter, which provides a stronger success quotient.  Executives achieve clarity on prioritization, and have a stronger impetus to delegate and empower more effectively.

FocusOne Proprietary Process
Impactful, transformational tools developed by FocusOne over the past decade.

“Through his teambuilding programs FocusOne has removed the team obstacles and helped us to increase sales, and our customer service is up. My staff and their loyalty and desire to work here have never been better.”  - Andrew Robbins, Founder, Shambala