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This is leading player in the Global Hospitality Industry. The C level Coachee, Regional CEO, was a strong, highly regarded individual, and a comer in the organization. He outlined a vision and blueprint for China and sold it successfully to the Company Board. Greater China results have been stellar and accordingly drawing great attention. Sounds all good? Too good. There was an image concern with the Regional CEO, with the danger of being seen as a “China guy”. His desire was to join the Global Executive Management Team, which is the body that runs the company globally, yet he was seen to be overly entrenched in China.


The Regional CEO very clearly articulated his objectives: to create a highly successful Greater China division, while being seen as a key player involved in running the Global Company. From the strategy perspective, we articulated the need to work on “Image Management”. The first step was to articulate 1) what was the desired image 2) how to craft that image 3) communication vehicles for the image 4) stakeholders who need to know. A series of clear messages were created and then repeated in different forms to at key venues and to appropriate audiences.


The Regional CEO was appointed to the Global Executive Management Team after six months. This was a culmination of a clear and deliberate strategy, brilliantly executed. What’s more, he still earned the confidence and kudos for the success of the Greater China business. All of his coaching objectives were realized.

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