Home Facilitation – Getting more passion in the team



This Regional Team was very busy creating the program for growth in the region. Despite their roles and responsibilities being clearly written, they seemed to be dong a bit of everything, lacking focus. The priority was on task management and just “getting the job done”. This was creating stress and poor work – life balance. Importantly the satisfaction scores were suffering. Team members were no longer enjoying their work, feeling the burden of just having to deliver in a very hectic environment.


Although they clearly knew their jobs and work, they were not following their job descriptions. A one-day program was conducted to create focus and alignment and return team members to a sense of passion and satisfaction with their work. During the session, the team members engaged in Focus One’s proprietary “Getting the Passion Back” exercise. This involved categorizing work activates into varying levels of passion, and creating focus on those areas with the greatest level of interest and motivation. For those areas of low passion, alternatives were explored to minimize, delegate, transfer to others. An individual plan was created by each participant, which was then discussed at a team level.


Each team member became clear about the work elements, which will motivate them, and to what extent they are spending time on those elements. They clearly saw how certain exercises were energy drainers and de-motivating. They committed to spend more time on high passion activities, while still taking responsibility for their overall jobs. A key release occurred where team members again could see and feel how their work could return to being fulfilling and meaningful and what elements were required for that to be true. Overall, the team and management agreed to organize themselves better to match tasks with people.

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