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Executive & C-Level Coaching

We build Executive Genius

FocusOne believes that Executive Genius is not uni-dimensional, rather it is a function of the whole development of the executive. Beyond the functional expertise, development is encouraged on the levels of effective leadership attributes, communication, soft skills.

C - Level Coaching

We find that many of our clients have high level needs for development.  Sometimes it’s about building strong leadership skills.  Often, Executives desire to craft and built a specific “Executive Image”.  Other times it’s about having an objective and skilled sounding board to brainstorm and challenge assumes. We work with C level executives to accelerate progress along a number of lines:

•    Enhancing leadership muscle
•    Building Executive image
•    Navigating political landscape
•    Mentoring with specific outcomes
•    Effectiveness in China / Asia environment
•    Strategies for building powerful teams
•    Sounding board for ideas / concepts
•    Strategic approaches to situations
•    Challenging assumptions & creating workable perspectives
•    Focusing on a clear business agenda

At the C level we are more than a coach; we coach, mentor, advise and jointly arrive at solutions.

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Performance Coaching

Breakthrough performance is a FocusOne imperative. We assist executives and managers to get clear about where they are going. Once they know where they are going, they need to know “why” it is important. That will be the motivating factor which galvanizes them into sustained action.

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Behavioral Coaching

Many individuals have behavioral issues which stand in the way of performance. These can range from inappropriate attitudes, ineffective management styles, and actions which cause organization strain. Many organizational challenges can be easily dissolved by resolving behavioral issues, especially when they exist at the executive level.

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"Throughout the coaching process with Douglas, I learned a lot more about who I am as a leader and who I can be. I learned how to focus my energy to achieve my vision. I built better working relationship with my customers, my colleagues, my direct reports and solved more & more difficult problems. Today, I see more opportunities, more growth and more dreams to go for.” - Anthony Leung, Account Director, Johnson & Johnson