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Outcome-based Facilitation

We are IAF Certified Professional Facilitators.  Often, it is helpful to have an outside catalyst to assist the team in working through issues and opportunities. FocusOne knows how to bring to surface the essential and core issues and facilitate a process for resolution and action.

Our approach is to allow the team to surface issues and opportunities naturally. It is then the group will understand the root cause of the issues at hand. Arriving at the solution and way forward is a team function.

The magic lies in bringing all members of the team into creative resolution. This not only becomes effective, it also provides for ownership and a greater chance of success.

Our tailor designed team facilitation programs may cover the following:

•    Surfacing of issues / opportunities

•    Prioritizing importance

•    Knowing where to focus

•    Understanding root cause

•    Breaking through barriers

•    Separating causes into distinct categories

•    Brainstorming solutions

•    Using small groups to break issues down into manageable bits

•    Achieving group consensus and agreement

•    Allowing for team members to take ownership of solution and responsibility

•    Achieving alignment on solutions and approach

•    Building a sense of commitment around the deliverables

•    Following up with SMART action plans

•    Conflict management

•    Bringing the team from acrimony to alignment

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“Every experience has been exceptional, Douglas Gerber is an amazing facilitator and trainer, he can really help organizations transform.” – Cecilia Yeung, Country Manager, Success Resources